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What should I do if the forklift engine is not running?



Do you know how to repair and check when your forklift engine is not running? Follow along with this article to learn.

Reason 1:Forklift connection wiring is broken or has poor contact

Troubleshooting method:Solder or replace with new wire

Reason 2:Forklift Fuse Blown

Troubleshooting method:Replace with a new forklift fuse

Reason 3:The battery of the forklift has no or low voltage

Troubleshooting method:Charging forklift battery

Reason 4:Forklift carbon brushes are not in contact with the forklift commutator

Troubleshooting method:Adjust forklift carbon brush and forklift brush spring pressure

Reason 5:Internal short circuit in forklift starter

Troubleshooting method:Check and eliminate short circuits

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