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What should I do if the alternator does not alternator electricity and the charging is always insufficient?



When you find that your forklift alternator does not alternator electricity or is always undercharged, you can try to service your forklift in this way and replace the damaged forklift parts.

Reason 1:The alternator is loose and the rotor coil is disconnected

Troubleshooting method:Repair or replace

Reason 2:Partial short circuit of alternator stator core or stator coil

Troubleshooting method:Repair or replace

Reason 3:The silicon rectifier is damaged or short-circuited

Troubleshooting method:replace

Reason 4:The contact of the brush is poor, and there is a stuck phenomenon in the brush holder hole; the spring pressure is less than 0.98-1.96 N; the slip ring has oil stains

Troubleshooting method:sand and wipe with 00 grit sandpaper; adjust or replace brush springs; clean slip rings

Reason 5:The wiring is broken, short circuit, bad contact, wrong connection

Troubleshooting method:Check for repairs

Reason 6:Regulator adjustment voltage is too low or too high

Troubleshooting method:Adjust

Reason 7:Dirty, singeing or oxidized contacts, uncontrolled traction

Troubleshooting method:Clean, Repair, Replace

Reason 8:The relay coil is burned out

Troubleshooting method:Replace

Reason 9:Voltage coil or resistor wiring is disconnected

Troubleshooting method:Repair

Reason 10:alternator belt slack

Troubleshooting method:Adjust

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