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  • The forklift starter motor can't start the engine, but it can run. Why?
    The forklift starter motor can't start the engine, but it can run. Why?



    When you find this problem with your forklift starter motor, maybe you can use this article to repair your forklift. Reason 1:Forklift bearing wear too much, armature and magnetic pole friction Troubleshooting method:Adjust the contact surface between the new forklift bearing cleaning brush and the commutator Reason 2:Poor contact between forklift carbon brushes and forklift commutator Troubleshooting method:Remove oil stains and sand down Reason 3:The surface of the forklift commutator is singed or has oil stains Troubleshooting method:Sanding and degreasing with sandpaper Reason 4:Forklift armature coil and forklift commutator out of welding Troubleshooting method:Repair soldering with soap solder Reason 5:Forklift wires are not in tight contact Troubleshooting method:Check forklift switch contacts and polish with sandpaper Reason 6:Forklift electromagnetic switch contact point singeing, poor contact Troubleshooting method:sanded with sandpaper Reason 7:The forklift battery is insufficiently charged or the voltage and capacity do not meet the regulations Troubleshooting method:Charge the forklift battery to make the voltage and capacity meet the requirements Reason 8:The engine lubricating oil solidifies in winter, and the starting resistance is too large Troubleshooting method:Warm up forklift engines or switch to winter oil
  • What should I do if the forklift engine is not running?
  • What should I do if the alternator does not alternator electricity and the charging is always insufficient?
    What should I do if the alternator does not alternator electricity and the charging is always insufficient?



    When you find that your forklift alternator does not alternator electricity or is always undercharged, you can try to service your forklift in this way and replace the damaged forklift parts. Reason 1:The alternator is loose and the rotor coil is disconnected Troubleshooting method:Repair or replace Reason 2:Partial short circuit of alternator stator core or stator coil Troubleshooting method:Repair or replace Reason 3:The silicon rectifier is damaged or short-circuited Troubleshooting method:replace Reason 4:The contact of the brush is poor, and there is a stuck phenomenon in the brush holder hole; the spring pressure is less than 0.98-1.96 N; the slip ring has oil stains Troubleshooting method:sand and wipe with 00 grit sandpaper; adjust or replace brush springs; clean slip rings Reason 5:The wiring is broken, short circuit, bad contact, wrong connection Troubleshooting method:Check for repairs Reason 6:Regulator adjustment voltage is too low or too high Troubleshooting method:Adjust Reason 7:Dirty, singeing or oxidized contacts, uncontrolled traction Troubleshooting method:Clean, Repair, Replace Reason 8:The relay coil is burned out Troubleshooting method:Replace Reason 9:Voltage coil or resistor wiring is disconnected Troubleshooting method:Repair Reason 10:alternator belt slack Troubleshooting method:Adjust
  • How to clean forklift parts and batteries?
    How to clean forklift parts and batteries?



    The various operating systems of the forklift are connected by many components and work together to maintain the normal operation of the forklift. Excessive dust will cause blockage of parts and affect the operation of various systems of the forklift. Minor failures may cause forklift operation problems, and major failures may cause engineering accidents. Therefore, we should clean the parts of the forklift regularly. At the same time, we can also replace some wearing parts. Now let me talk to you about the cleaning of forklift parts and batteries. 1. For the cleaning of some metal parts of forklifts, we usually use cold washing and hot washing methods. 1. The cold washing method is to use kerosene. It is quick. After washing with light diesel or gasoline, blow dry with compressed air. The equipment required for this cleaning method is very simple. The operation is also very fast. 2. The hot washing method is to clean with alkali solution and heat the solution. Then the parts are soaked and taken out, rinsed with clean water, and then dried with compressed air. In order to prevent corrosion of aluminum alloy parts, it cannot be cleaned with a solution containing a large amount of sodium hydroxide. 2. For the cleaning system sealing ring of some non-metal forklift parts on the forklift, use alcohol. The cleaning of rubber parts, such as brake cups, turpentine or brake fluid. Do not use kerosene. Rubber ring. It should be cleaned with hydraulic gasoline or alkaline solution to prevent swelling and deterioration. The clutch friction plate and brake friction plate can not be boiled and washed with alkaline solution, and should be cleaned with a little gasoline. Leather parts (such as oil seal aprons, etc.) are generally cleaned with a dry cloth. 3. The common dirt on forklift parts also has a black solid-it is gradually formed under high temperature and high pressure, and firmly adheres to the surface of internal combustion engine pistons, cylinder liners, cylinder heads and other parts. The texture is extremely hard. Carbon deposits must be removed during repairs. In order to ensure the normal operation of the forklift, the carbon deposits on the parts must also be removed regularly. We usually clean up this kind of dirt in two ways: 1. One is physical cleaning, that is, scraping with a spatula, spatula (or with a bamboo chip), metal brush, etc. This method of manually removing carbon deposits is inefficient and difficult to remove. If you are not careful, it will damage the parts. 2. There is another way to remove carbon deposits by chemical methods. The solution for removing the carbon deposits of internal combustion engine parts is prepared: then soak the carbon deposits of the parts in the cleaning solution. If there is a heating device, it can easily soften the dirt, and the solid dirt can be easily peeled off after the soaking is over. The battery of an electric forklift can be washed with water, but water cannot enter the battery cell. Try to...
  • Why is the engine speed unstable?
    Why is the engine speed unstable?



    The engine speed is unstable,It may be due to the following reasons. Please come and check it with me! Reason 1: The oil volume of each cylinder is uneven, and the fuel injector is dripping; the tie rod fork screw is loose. Troubleshooting method: Adjust the oil supply of each cylinder to be even, repair the flower and replace the needle valve of the injector, and fix the fork screw. Reason 2: The gap between the shift fork and the adjustment is too large, and the steel ball and sliding plate are worn and dented. Troubleshooting method: Replacement parts Reason 3: The axial movement clearance of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is too large. Troubleshooting method: Adjust with copper spacers Reason 4: Sliding disc bushing block Troubleshooting method: Clean, repair or replace Reason 5: The oil level rises-the cylinder liner sealing ring is damaged Troubleshooting method: Replace the sealing ring Reason 6: Engine oil level rises-cylinder head gasket leaks Troubleshooting method: Replace cylinder head gasket Reason 7: Rising oil level-water leakage in cylinder head or body Troubleshooting method: Maintenance and replacement
  • Why does the forklift stop by itself while driving
    Why does the forklift stop by itself while driving



    The forklift stopped by itself while driving. It may be due to the following reasons. Please come and check it with me! Reason 1: There is air in the oil line, the oil pump does not supply oil; the diesel filter is blocked Troubleshooting method: bleed and repair the fuel pump; clean the diesel filter Reason 2: The piston jams the cylinder liner and the journal bearing is seized. Troubleshooting method: Incorrect fit clearance, repair and replace Reason 3: The outlet valve of the fuel injection pump is stuck, and the plunger spring is broken Troubleshooting method: overhaul or replace Reason 4: The governor sliding disk sleeve is stuck Troubleshooting method: overhaul or replace
  • Why does the oil of the forklift consume too much?
    Why does the oil of the forklift consume too much?



    Whether your forklift oil is consumed too fast, this may be because your forklift has a malfunction, please let me tell you how to find the problem and fix it. Reason 1: The viscosity of the used oil is too low, and the brand is wrong Troubleshooting method: Use specified grades of engine oil Reason 2: Excessive wear of the piston and cylinder liner; the oil return hole of the piston oil cup groove is blocked Troubleshooting method: Replace; clean the oil return hole Reason 3: Adhesion of the piston ring; reverse installation of the upper and lower air rings; excessive wear Troubleshooting method: cleaning and replacement Reason 4: Oil leakage at the front and rear oil seals of the crankshaft, the joint plane of the oil pan, and the plane of the cylinder head rear end cover Troubleshooting method: Check and replace tubing parts Reason 5: The temperature and pressure of the engine oil are too high, causing evaporation and splashing Troubleshooting method: Reduce the temperature, check and adjust the oil pump pressure limiting valve
  • Fault analysis of severe diesel engine vibration or overheating of diesel engine body
    Fault analysis of severe diesel engine vibration or overheating of diesel engine body



    Reason 1: The fuel supply of each cylinder of the diesel engine is uneven Troubleshooting method: check and adjust the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump Reason 2: Poor atomization of fuel injectors in individual cylinders of diesel engines Troubleshooting method: repair the fuel injection nozzle Reason 3: Individual cylinders of diesel engines have serious air leakage, and the compression ratio is quite different Troubleshooting method: eliminate air leakage, check and adjust the compression clearance of each cylinder Reason 4: Water in the diesel, air intake Troubleshooting method: venting, diesel fuel precipitation Reason 5: The diesel engine is installed poorly and the supporting studs are loose Troubleshooting method: correct the alignment; tighten Reason 6: The diesel engine knocks the cylinder and the work is rough Troubleshooting method: check the fuel supply advance angle, and load the diesel engine after warming up Reason 7: Gas flees into the crankcase Troubleshooting method: check, replace piston ring, replace engine oil Reason 8: The engine oil has entered water, the engine oil is diluted and deteriorated, and the engine oil is insufficient or excessive Troubleshooting method: check the oil surface Reason 9: Low oil flow and low pressure Troubleshooting method: check the wear of the inner and outer rotors of the oil pump Reason 10: The matching interval of the bearing is too small Troubleshooting method: check and adjust the fit clearance of each bearing Reason 11: the impeller of the water pump is damaged and broken Troubleshooting method: check and replace the impeller of the water pump Reason 12: The fan V belt is slipping Troubleshooting method: check the tension of the fan V-belt or replace the V-belt Reason 13: Improper position of water radiator and fan Troubleshooting method: check the installation position of the water radiator Reason 14: Thermostat malfunction Troubleshooting method: check the working condition of the thermostat Reason 15: The cooling system pipeline is blocked, and the scale in the water jacket is too thick Troubleshooting method: cleaning the cooling system and water jacket Reason 16: Insufficient water pump displacement Troubleshooting method: check the water pump impeller clearance Reason 17: The cylinder head gasket is damaged, and the gas enters the waterway Troubleshooting method: Fill the water radiator with water. Replace the cylinder head gasket
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