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Causes of carburetor oil leakage and how to troubleshoot.



If your forklift carburetor has oil leakage, you can troubleshoot your forklift according to this article.

Reason 1-1: The gas mixture is too lean - the orifice of the carburetor is blocked or adjusted improperly

Troubleshooting method: cleaning, adjustment

Reason 1-2: The mixture is too lean - gasoline supply is not smooth

Troubleshooting method: Please troubleshoot according to the corresponding fault causes in "Why does the engine run abnormally or stop halfway?"

Reason 2: Valve leak

Troubleshooting method: adjust valve clearance or grind valve

Reason 3: The high-voltage damping wires are connected in the wrong order or damaged

Troubleshooting method: correct or replace

Reason 4: The engine is overheating

Troubleshooting method: According to the fault analysis and troubleshooting in the "Various causes and repair methods of engine overheating" column in this table

Reason 5: Intake manifold leaks

Troubleshooting method: check for intake manifold and gaskets
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