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We focus on providing high-quality, long-life and reasonable price products, so we independently created the forklift parts brand "KOVO" and the forklift tire brand "BGO". As the official distributor of Aisin, we have close cooperation with Nikki, KYB, SHIMADZU, AISAN and other famous parts brands to ensure that we provide our customers with first-hand prices. We have extensive contacts and in-depth cooperation with more than 200 forklift parts manufacturers to provide our customers with a variety of choices and the best prices.

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About Us
GUANGZHOU YUANSONG TRADE CO.,LTD is a global trading company located in the largest commodity distribution center in Guangzhou, China. Focusing on the production, sales and service of forklift parts, with a history of more than 23 years and a warehouse of 3700 square meters, Yuansong has its own forklift parts brand "kovo" and provides more than 100,000 forklift parts because they have a wealth of Experience and effective team. COMPANY BUSINESS SCOPE From 1998 to the present, Yuansong has a deep cooperative relationship with many famous forklift parts manufacturers in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and China. After a long-term honest and perfect management, Yuansong has cooperated with Aisin, Nissan, KYB, Shimadzu, Aisan, Bosch, NIKKI, RIK, NPR, SY, Exedy and many other forklift parts brands. It is worth mentioning that the "kovo" brand developed by Yuansong Company is highly recognized by customers for its competitive quality, and it exports more than 200 containers every year. The company's business objects: purchasing agents, distributors, corporate buyers, forklift rental service centers, personal users. We can now provide Toyota forklift parts, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, isuzu/tcm, Yale, Nissan, Yanmar. We will provide services for the following forklift brands and products. Toyota Komatsu Nichiyu Jungheinrich TCM Yale Yanmar Doosan Hyundai Clark Mitsubishi Isuzu Noblelift Hyster Nissan CAT Linde Heli Hangcha Tailifu PRODUCT DISPLAY Aisin-Clutch DISC KOVO-Brake shoe Aisan – Regulator LPG KYB-Hydraulic pump DEVELOPMENT HISTORY Yuansong Forklift Parts Store was established in 1998. With the trust and support of customers, Yuansong has developed into a shareholding company under the brand of "kovo", 5 overseas branches, dozens of cooperative forklift parts brands and hundreds of cooperative companies. the company Compared with a century-old enterprise, we still have a long way to go. We will adhere to the tenet of honest management, put customers first, constantly update products, improve the service system, and provide customers with the best service. HISTORICAL EVENTS In 1998, Yuansong Forklift Parts Store was established In 2006, in response to national requirements, the establishment of export business, set up headquarters in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City In 2007, the brand was founded in Hong Kong office In 2008, signed a general agent contract in China with Aisin of Japan In September 2008, the first overseas branch-Vietnam branch was established. In 2009, Malaysia branch was established In 2012, KOVO's self-developed products were officially launched on the market. In June 2016, established a branch in Russia OUR WAREHOUSE OUR EXHIBITION OUR PAYMENT AND SHIPPING No matter where you are, if you need any forklift accessories, please contact us and we will provide you with them. PLEASE CONTACT US Tel:+ 86-020-82169565 e-mail:sales@forklift-china.cc (Please send a quotation to this email) fax:+ 86-020-82169565 URL:www.gzsycc.com address:NO.36 Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 510440 July facebook:july wang 5070 WhatsApp:+86 17520691733 e-mail:july@forklift-china.cc
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  • 48 forklift engine troubleshooting methods! 48 forklift engine troubleshooting methods!

    48 forklift engine troubleshooting methods! 1. Low rotating speed of the engine -- the battery of forklift is low in power and can be charged directly to the battery 2. Low speed of the engine - poor circuit connection - check whether the wire is loose 3. Low speed of the engine -- failure of the starter, bad contact between motor brush and commutator, bad connection of internal connection head of the starter 4. High oil pressure and poor quality of lubricating oil -- when the oil has too low viscosity or is mixed with gasoline and water, the lubricating oil should be replaced directly 5. Engine parts cannot start or start with difficulty - insufficient oil in the fuel tank or the fuel tank switch is not opened 6. Insufficient power of forklift engine parts - blocked, damaged or leaking oil supply pipeline 7. Unstable operation of the engine -- the carburetor is not working well, and the mixture is low or too thin 8. Failure of gasoline pump and oil transfer pump -- check the rupture of the skin film and the loss of connecting rod, etc 9. Fuel filter blocking - cleaning forklift filter 10. Engine body overheating or unstable operation, insufficient power or unstable operation can be judged as pump failure - check and eliminate 11. Engine parts cannot be started, difficult to start or insufficient power of the fuel pump drive device damaged 12. The fuel injection pump or ignition timing is wrong - adjust the fuel injection advance Angle, adjust the forklift engine to start easily, do not exhaust black smoke when working, do not emit metal knock (too early oil injection); The ignition time is adjusted to: too early in the ignition when there is metal knock (sudden explosion) at the acceleration, the ignition time is too late exhaust pipe smoke or there is blasting sound. 13. The exhaust pipe of the engine has black smoke or bubbling sound - insufficient compression 14. The power of forklift engine is insufficient - the fuel tank is clogged with vent holes 15. The forklift engine power is insufficient -- the fuel oil plate is incorrect, and the fuel oil can be used first according to the engine plate number 16. If the forklift engine is underpowered or unstable - the throttle is stuck or the movement is blocked - check and remove 17. The forklift engine parts are underpowered or the body is overheated -- the cylinder is overheated 18. The power of forklift engine parts is insufficient -- the engine is overheated and the operation time is too long 19. The cylinder compression force of forklift is insufficient - the engine has not reached precision adjustment 20. The cylinder compression force of forklift truck is insufficient - the valve is closed 21. Excessive pressure on crankcase of forklift truck -- wear of cylinder sleeve 22. The cylinder compression force of forklift truck is insufficient -- the valve has poor contact with the valve seat and the sealing is not strict 23. The cylinder compression force of forklift truck is insufficient -- the pi...

  • How to repair the forklift's drive axle? How to repair the forklift's drive axle?

    When the forklift is unloading cargo or moving cargo,the drive axle is to bear most of the weight,If the road is uneven and the load of the forklift truck is not uniform,the drive axle will be bent,fractured,worn out of the axle shaft bearing bore,and worn by the axle shaft journal.Then when the drive axle has a low degree of damage,the following inspections and repairs can be made: 1.Forklift drive axle housing bending inspection and repair: 1) Drive axle housing bending test.Before the inspection,the flatness of the contact surfaces of the axles and brake drum ends should be corrected first,Eliminate the circular runout error of the end face and mount the standard half shaft on the drive axle housing,correct the bearing and test the center position of the left and right axles from the shell to judge whether there is any bending.The difference between the two axes should not exceed 0.75mm. 2) When the drive axle housing is bent beyond the limit, it should be corrected.When correcting, the correction deformation should not be greater than the original bending deformation,and maintain the calibration pressure for a period of time,make the axle shell plastic deformation.If the deformation is too large and the bending deformation is greater than 2mm, it can be corrected after preheating, but the heating temperature must not exceed 700°C. 2.Forklift drive axle housing fracture repair: when cracks and cracks appear in the middle of the drive axle housing,they can be repaired by welding.The operating points are as follows: 1) A v-shaped groove with a 90° angle along the crack has a depth of 2/3 of the thickness. 2) At a distance of 6-10 mm from both ends of the crack,drill holes of 5 mm in diameter. 3) Welding repair cracks,the solder layer should be higher than the base metal,but not more than 1mm.After welding on the front side,weld repairs are made on the opposite side,and the welding seam should be flattened after welding.If the weld is repaired at the work plane, the flatness error should not exceed 0.25mm. 4) After the crack repair welding,the reinforcing web should be welded at the crack,and its thickness is generally 4-6mm.The reinforced web should be symmetrical with the center of the drive axle housing. 5) If the crack penetrates to the drive axle housing cover or the final drive flange plane,the reinforcing ring should be welded after welding.The reinforced abdominal ring of the drive axle housing cover can be reused outside,the main reducer shell depends on the permit of the interior space,should be multiplexed on the inside.When reinforcing the abdominal ring by welding,tighten the reinforcing abdominal ring with a bolt and press it on the flat surface first to avoid position shifting and deflection during welding. 6) After welding repair strengthened drive axle housing,to recheck the straightness error,flatness error of shell cover and final drive flange plane,and corrected and ground to meet the standards. 3.Inspection and repair of othe...

  • Forklift dry air filter maintenance and maintenance Forklift dry air filter maintenance and maintenance

    The air filter filters air to block the dust from entering the engine,so as not to affect the combustion of fuel in the engine.Air filters are divided into dry and wet types.And we will share knowledge about dry air filters at Gzsycc.com.The dry air filter consists of an air filter cartridge,a pre-filter device,a main filter element, a dust collection tray,a dust discharge bag, a blocking indicator (optional) etc composition. 1.Dry air filter working principle The first stage of the dry air filter is a prefilter,It can swirl the air entering the air filter,By centrifugation, the larger mass of dust particles is separated from the intake air into the periphery of the centrifuge zone.The coarse filtered air enters the interior of the paper filter and is blocked by the filter pores.In addition,the polymerization of dust itself forms an additional filter layer,which further separates the fine dust in the air and adheres to the outer surface of the paper filter element. 2.Air filter maintenance (1)The components of the air cleaner should be installed in the correct position and cannot be reversed.Once the air filter housing is broken,it must be replaced in time.If the seal at both ends of the filter element is degummed,it should be replaced. (2)The filter paper is a very fine fiber material filled with synthetic resin,so it must not be cleaned in water or oil,do not allow contact with water, fire or oil.When removing dust from the paper filter element, use a clean cloth or rubber stopper to block the ends of the filter element,brush the surface of the filter core with a soft brush in the direction of the crease,and gently tap the end face to remove dust.Can also be used compressed air or pump blown (pressure should not exceed 0.2 ~ 0.29MPa, to prevent damage to the filter paper) from the inside of the filter element to blow away the dust adhered to the outer surface of the filter element.After removing the dust from the paper filter element,check the filter element for damage.If it is damaged,replace it immediately. (3)The connection between the air cleaner assembly and the air intake pipe or other connections in the air intake system must be connected firmly and tightly,and no air leakage is allowed.It is forbidden to have a short circuit of the air intake. (4)Under normal conditions,the filter element needs to be replaced every six months or 1000 hours.The paper filter element must be replaced at most 2 or 3 times.Air intake system with secondary air filter installed needs to increase the frequency of maintenance of the first stage air cleaner,to prevent the inlet back pressure from exceeding the engine limit,the performance of the engine is affected. The air filter removes dust and other impurities that enter the air of the carburetor,Therefore,the air filter is a clean product.You can clean or replace the air filter regularly according to your working environment.This can extend the service life of the forklift. Thank you!

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