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We focus on providing high-quality, long-life and reasonable price products, so we independently created the forklift parts brand "KOVO" and the forklift tire brand "BGO". As the official distributor of Aisin, we have close cooperation with Nikki, KYB, SHIMADZU, AISAN and other famous parts brands to ensure that we provide our customers with first-hand prices. We have extensive contacts and in-depth cooperation with more than 200 forklift parts manufacturers to provide our customers with a variety of choices and the best prices.

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About Us
GUANGZHOU YUANSONG TRADE CO.,LTD is a global trading company located in the largest commodity distribution center in Guangzhou, China. Focusing on the production, sales and service of forklift parts, with a history of more than 23 years and a warehouse of 3700 square meters, Yuansong has its own forklift parts brand "kovo" and provides more than 100,000 forklift parts because they have a wealth of Experience and effective team. COMPANY BUSINESS SCOPE From 1998 to the present, Yuansong has a deep cooperative relationship with many famous forklift parts manufacturers in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and China. After a long-term honest and perfect management, Yuansong has cooperated with Aisin, Nissan, KYB, Shimadzu, Aisan, Bosch, NIKKI, RIK, NPR, SY, Exedy and many other forklift parts brands. It is worth mentioning that the "kovo" brand developed by Yuansong Company is highly recognized by customers for its competitive quality, and it exports more than 200 containers every year. The company's business objects: purchasing agents, distributors, corporate buyers, forklift rental service centers, personal users. We can now provide Toyota forklift parts, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, isuzu/tcm, Yale, Nissan, Yanmar. We will provide services for the following forklift brands and products. Toyota Komatsu Nichiyu Jungheinrich TCM Yale Yanmar Doosan Hyundai Clark Mitsubishi Isuzu Noblelift Hyster Nissan CAT Linde Heli Hangcha Tailifu PRODUCT DISPLAY Aisin-Clutch DISC KOVO-Brake shoe Aisan – Regulator LPG KYB-Hydraulic pump DEVELOPMENT HISTORY Yuansong Forklift Parts Store was established in 1998. With the trust and support of customers, Yuansong has developed into a shareholding company under the brand of "kovo", 5 overseas branches, dozens of cooperative forklift parts brands and hundreds of cooperative companies. the company Compared with a century-old enterprise, we still have a long way to go. We will adhere to the tenet of honest management, put customers first, constantly update products, improve the service system, and provide customers with the best service. HISTORICAL EVENTS In 1998, Yuansong Forklift Parts Store was established In 2006, in response to national requirements, the establishment of export business, set up headquarters in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City In 2007, the brand was founded in Hong Kong office In 2008, signed a general agent contract in China with Aisin of Japan In September 2008, the first overseas branch-Vietnam branch was established. In 2009, Malaysia branch was established In 2012, KOVO's self-developed products were officially launched on the market. In June 2016, established a branch in Russia OUR WAREHOUSE OUR EXHIBITION OUR PAYMENT AND SHIPPING No matter where you are, if you need any forklift accessories, please contact us and we will provide you with them. PLEASE CONTACT US Tel:+ 86-020-82169565 e-mail:sunny@forklift-china.cc(Please send a quotation to this email) fax:+ 86-020-82169565 URL:www.gzsycc.com address:NO.36 Xinshi Road, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 510440 July facebook:july wang 5070 WhatsApp:+86 17520691733 e-mail:sunny@forklift-china.cc
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  • The forklift starter motor can't start the engine, but it can run. Why? The forklift starter motor can't start the engine, but it can run. Why?

    When you find this problem with your forklift starter motor, maybe you can use this article to repair your forklift. Reason 1:Forklift bearing wear too much, armature and magnetic pole friction Troubleshooting method:Adjust the contact surface between the new forklift bearing cleaning brush and the commutator Reason 2:Poor contact between forklift carbon brushes and forklift commutator Troubleshooting method:Remove oil stains and sand down Reason 3:The surface of the forklift commutator is singed or has oil stains Troubleshooting method:Sanding and degreasing with sandpaper Reason 4:Forklift armature coil and forklift commutator out of welding Troubleshooting method:Repair soldering with soap solder Reason 5:Forklift wires are not in tight contact Troubleshooting method:Check forklift switch contacts and polish with sandpaper Reason 6:Forklift electromagnetic switch contact point singeing, poor contact Troubleshooting method:sanded with sandpaper Reason 7:The forklift battery is insufficiently charged or the voltage and capacity do not meet the regulations Troubleshooting method:Charge the forklift battery to make the voltage and capacity meet the requirements Reason 8:The engine lubricating oil solidifies in winter, and the starting resistance is too large Troubleshooting method:Warm up forklift engines or switch to winter oil

  • What should I do if the forklift engine is not running? What should I do if the forklift engine is not running?

  • What should I do if the alternator does not alternator electricity and the charging is always insufficient? What should I do if the alternator does not alternator electricity and the charging is always insufficient?

    When you find that your forklift alternator does not alternator electricity or is always undercharged, you can try to service your forklift in this way and replace the damaged forklift parts. Reason 1:The alternator is loose and the rotor coil is disconnected Troubleshooting method:Repair or replace Reason 2:Partial short circuit of alternator stator core or stator coil Troubleshooting method:Repair or replace Reason 3:The silicon rectifier is damaged or short-circuited Troubleshooting method:replace Reason 4:The contact of the brush is poor, and there is a stuck phenomenon in the brush holder hole; the spring pressure is less than 0.98-1.96 N; the slip ring has oil stains Troubleshooting method:sand and wipe with 00 grit sandpaper; adjust or replace brush springs; clean slip rings Reason 5:The wiring is broken, short circuit, bad contact, wrong connection Troubleshooting method:Check for repairs Reason 6:Regulator adjustment voltage is too low or too high Troubleshooting method:Adjust Reason 7:Dirty, singeing or oxidized contacts, uncontrolled traction Troubleshooting method:Clean, Repair, Replace Reason 8:The relay coil is burned out Troubleshooting method:Replace Reason 9:Voltage coil or resistor wiring is disconnected Troubleshooting method:Repair Reason 10:alternator belt slack Troubleshooting method:Adjust

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