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The forklift starter motor can't start the engine, but it can run. Why?



When you find this problem with your forklift starter motor, maybe you can use this article to repair your forklift.

Reason 1:Forklift bearing wear too much, armature and magnetic pole friction

Troubleshooting method:Adjust the contact surface between the new forklift bearing cleaning brush and the commutator

Reason 2:Poor contact between forklift carbon brushes and forklift commutator

Troubleshooting method:Remove oil stains and sand down

Reason 3:The surface of the forklift commutator is singed or has oil stains

Troubleshooting method:Sanding and degreasing with sandpaper

Reason 4:Forklift armature coil and forklift commutator out of welding

Troubleshooting method:Repair soldering with soap solder

Reason 5:Forklift wires are not in tight contact

Troubleshooting method:Check forklift switch contacts and polish with sandpaper

Reason 6:Forklift electromagnetic switch contact point singeing, poor contact

Troubleshooting method:sanded with sandpaper

Reason 7:The forklift battery is insufficiently charged or the voltage and capacity do not meet the regulations

Troubleshooting method:Charge the forklift battery to make the voltage and capacity meet the requirements

Reason 8:The engine lubricating oil solidifies in winter, and the starting resistance is too large

Troubleshooting method:Warm up forklift engines or switch to winter oil

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