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Why is the internal combustion forklift oil pressure insufficient?



The forklift shows insufficient oil pressure? Maybe you can take a look at this article, it will help you check your forklift failure together.

Reason 1: Too little or too much oil

Troubleshooting method: replenish or release excess oil

Reason 2: The oil viscosity is too low
Troubleshooting method: Change the oil

Reason 3: Engine oil temperature is too high
Troubleshooting method: cool the engine, check the cooling system

Reason 4: The oil filter is blocked, the connecting pipe or the oil passage are leaking
Troubleshooting method: cleaning to unclog or tighten

Reason 5: Oil filter clogged
Troubleshooting method: Clean and dredge or replace the fine filter element

Reason 6: Oil pressure gauge failure
Troubleshooting method: Replacing the Oil Pressure Gauge
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