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Why is the cylinder of the forklift poorly compressed and how to repair it?



Are you wondering why your forklift cylinder is poorly compressed and how to troubleshoot it?

Please follow the steps in the article to repair your forklift!

Reason 1: Poor contact between valve and valve seat

Troubleshooting method: Grinding the valve or valve seat

Reason 2: Broken valve spring

Troubleshooting method: replace the spring

Reason 3: The valve clearance is wrong

Troubleshooting method: Adjust valve clearance

Reason 4: The cylinder head gasket is damaged
Troubleshooting method: replace

Reason 5: Cylinder liner, piston, piston ring wear too much
Troubleshooting method: Repair or replace

Reason 6: Leakage in the intake manifold
Troubleshooting method: check intake manifold and gasket tighten nuts

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