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Why is the engine speed unstable?



The engine speed is unstable,It may be due to the following reasons. Please come and check it with me!

Reason 1: The oil volume of each cylinder is uneven, and the fuel injector is dripping; the tie rod fork screw is loose.

Troubleshooting method: Adjust the oil supply of each cylinder to be even, repair the flower and replace the needle valve of the injector, and fix the fork screw.

Reason 2: The gap between the shift fork and the adjustment is too large, and the steel ball and sliding plate are worn and dented.

Troubleshooting method: Replacement parts

Reason 3: The axial movement clearance of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is too large.

Troubleshooting method: Adjust with copper spacers

Reason 4: Sliding disc bushing block

Troubleshooting method: Clean, repair or replace

Reason 5: The oil level rises-the cylinder liner sealing ring is damaged

Troubleshooting method: Replace the sealing ring

Reason 6: Engine oil level rises-cylinder head gasket leaks

Troubleshooting method: Replace cylinder head gasket

Reason 7: Rising oil level-water leakage in cylinder head or body

Troubleshooting method: Maintenance and replacement

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