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Various causes and repair methods of engine overheating



If you are also troubled by the problem of engine overheating, maybe this article can bring you some help, please follow the article to check your forklift.

Reason 1: Damaged water pump or loose fan belt
Troubleshooting method: overhaul the water pump or adjust the tension of the fan belt

Reason 2: Radiator, cylinder liner, cylinder block leaking or too little water
Troubleshooting method: Weld repair holes and add cooling water

Reason 3: Excessive accumulation of dirt on the radiator or engine water jacket
Troubleshooting method: Wash and remove scale buildup

Reason 4: Thermostat malfunctioning
Troubleshooting method: Replacing a new thermostat

Reason 5: Too little oil in the oil pan
Troubleshooting method: Add oil to the specified standard

Reason 6: The oil in the oil pan is too thin
Troubleshooting method: Change the oil

Reason 7: Excessive carbon deposits in the cylinder combustion chamber
Troubleshooting method: Eliminate carbon deposits

Reason 8: Ignite too late
Troubleshooting method: Adjust the ignition advance angle of the distributor

Reason 9: Water leaking from the cylinder head water manifold
Troubleshooting method: replace

Reason 10: Piston rings are worn out and a lot of exhaust gas is pouring into the crankcase
Troubleshooting method: replace

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