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How to repair the forklift's drive axle?



When the forklift is unloading cargo or moving cargo,the drive axle is to bear most of the weight,If the road is uneven and the load of the forklift truck is not uniform,the drive axle will be bent,fractured,worn out of the axle shaft bearing bore,and worn by the axle shaft journal.Then when the drive axle has a low degree of damage,the following inspections and repairs can be made:

How to repair the forklift's drive axle?

1.Forklift drive axle housing bending inspection and repair:
1) Drive axle housing bending test.Before the inspection,the flatness of the contact surfaces of the axles and brake drum ends should be corrected first,Eliminate the circular runout error of the end face and mount the standard half shaft on the drive axle housing,correct the bearing and test the center position of the left and right axles from the shell to judge whether there is any bending.The difference between the two axes should not exceed 0.75mm.

2) When the drive axle housing is bent beyond the limit, it should be corrected.When correcting, the correction deformation should not be greater than the original bending deformation,and maintain the calibration pressure for a period of time,make the axle shell plastic deformation.If the deformation is too large and the bending deformation is greater than 2mm, it can be corrected after preheating, but the heating temperature must not exceed 700°C.

2.Forklift drive axle housing fracture repair:
when cracks and cracks appear in the middle of the drive axle housing,they can be repaired by welding.The operating points are as follows:

1) A v-shaped groove with a 90° angle along the crack has a depth of 2/3 of the thickness.

2) At a distance of 6-10 mm from both ends of the crack,drill holes of 5 mm in diameter.

3) Welding repair cracks,the solder layer should be higher than the base metal,but not more than 1mm.After welding on the front side,weld repairs are made on the opposite side,and the welding seam should be flattened after welding.If the weld is repaired at the work plane, the flatness error should not exceed 0.25mm.

4) After the crack repair welding,the reinforcing web should be welded at the crack,and its thickness is generally 4-6mm.The reinforced web should be symmetrical with the center of the drive axle housing.

5) If the crack penetrates to the drive axle housing cover or the final drive flange plane,the reinforcing ring should be welded after welding.The reinforced abdominal ring of the drive axle housing cover can be reused outside,the main reducer shell depends on the permit of the interior space,should be multiplexed on the inside.When reinforcing the abdominal ring by welding,tighten the reinforcing abdominal ring with a bolt and press it on the flat surface first to avoid position shifting and deflection during welding.

6) After welding repair strengthened drive axle housing,to recheck the straightness error,flatness error of shell cover and final drive flange plane,and corrected and ground to meet the standards.

How to repair the forklift's drive axle?

3.Inspection and repair of other parts:

1) The misalignment of the inner and outer bearing brackets at both ends of the axle housing should not exceed 0.01mm;the verticality error of the bearing seat neck and its thrust end face not exceed 0.05mm;The bearing seat neck should be perpendicular to the edge plane of the brake base plate,and the verticality error should be no more than 0.1mm.

2) Screw hole thread damage should not be more than 2 deduction,more than when can be repaired or welded repair.

3) When the oil seal wear exceeds 0.15mm,it can be repaired.

4) When the shaft journal wear of the axle shaft sleeve rolling bearing is greater than 0.04mm,it can be chrome plated or surfacing repair.

5) When axle bushings have cracks and defects of any nature,it should be replaced.

6) The wear of the inner and outer end bracket holes of the drive axle housing half shaft sleeve shall not be greater than 0.06mm,otherwise,the axle sleeve journal can be chrome plated or expanded to a repair size.

7) When the drive axle housing is broken,it should be replaced.

The above is the applicable method in the case of a drive axle with a low degree of damage.It can be based on your actual situation.If the degree of damage is high,it is recommended that you replace it.Thank you!

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