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Fault analysis of severe diesel engine vibration or overheating of diesel engine body



Reason 1: The fuel supply of each cylinder of the diesel engine is uneven

Troubleshooting method: check and adjust the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump

Reason 2: Poor atomization of fuel injectors in individual cylinders of diesel engines

Troubleshooting method: repair the fuel injection nozzle

Reason 3: Individual cylinders of diesel engines have serious air leakage, and the compression ratio is quite different

Troubleshooting method: eliminate air leakage, check and adjust the compression clearance of each cylinder

Reason 4: Water in the diesel, air intake

Troubleshooting method: venting, diesel fuel precipitation

Reason 5: The diesel engine is installed poorly and the supporting studs are loose

Troubleshooting method: correct the alignment; tighten

Reason 6: The diesel engine knocks the cylinder and the work is rough

Troubleshooting method: check the fuel supply advance angle, and load the diesel engine after warming up

Reason 7: Gas flees into the crankcase

Troubleshooting method: check, replace piston ring, replace engine oil

Reason 8: The engine oil has entered water, the engine oil is diluted and deteriorated, and the engine oil is insufficient or excessive

Troubleshooting method: check the oil surface

Reason 9: Low oil flow and low pressure

Troubleshooting method: check the wear of the inner and outer rotors of the oil pump

Reason 10: The matching interval of the bearing is too small

Troubleshooting method: check and adjust the fit clearance of each bearing

Reason 11: the impeller of the water pump is damaged and broken

Troubleshooting method: check and replace the impeller of the water pump

Reason 12: The fan V belt is slipping

Troubleshooting method: check the tension of the fan V-belt or replace the V-belt

Reason 13: Improper position of water radiator and fan

Troubleshooting method: check the installation position of the water radiator

Reason 14: Thermostat malfunction

Troubleshooting method: check the working condition of the thermostat

Reason 15: The cooling system pipeline is blocked, and the scale in the water jacket is too thick

Troubleshooting method: cleaning the cooling system and water jacket

Reason 16: Insufficient water pump displacement

Troubleshooting method: check the water pump impeller clearance

Reason 17: The cylinder head gasket is damaged, and the gas enters the waterway

Troubleshooting method: Fill the water radiator with water. Replace the cylinder head gasket

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