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  • Industrial 4.0 era AVG intelligence storage forklift robot
    Industrial 4.0 era AVG intelligence storage forklift robot



    (reprinted from chinaforklift.com;author :Rui Hao )       These two years , since the 4.0 in industry (made in china 2025)has been in the agenda ,industrial automatic level come to a new height .in the backgroud of deficiency,  the advantage of  machine become obvious ,with the encourge of goverment policy and the intergrate of both internet and modern technology and system . Intelligent transport  upgrate in the industrial vehicle .so which are the intelligent of industrial vehicle ungrate?       Speaking of intelligent transport,fleet management system ,internet recognition and AGV and so on ,intelligent forklift mainly show in the intelligent management of logistic equipment ,maximum utilization rate of equipment , cosequently intergrate production conbination system and enterprise management ,to increase the efficiency of the equipment ,enhance the safety and decreace the cost of labour ,and to be accepted by more and more customer . Forklift product AGV in promat 2017 exhibition Forklift product AGV in promat 2017 exhibition      In the field og intelligent forklift ,the develoment of AGV prompt  forklift transport to a automatic summit . In the industrial of AGV ,latent type and forklift AGV is  one of  the most important type ,the former  mature product  is research and develop in the earlier preriod ,have been in a  widely appied in industrial assembly line and intelligent store .the relavent macnufactured company in china include ,SINSUN, KSEC ,JATEN, OUKAI,GOZ,AGV, CASUN,LGMG ,there are relevant product provide ,and is the main product line . The latter is the automatic industrial vehicle based on industrial vehicle and extended by the principle . The relevant company spring up in these years ,HTAGV ,KEJIN, COTEK ,MASS and so on . 艾吉威 With the development of market ,automatic AGV transport technolog develop ,industrial vehicle become popular ,many forklift manufacturer produce AGV product ,include heli,hangcha,linde, nuoli,ruyi ,more company will  involve and the product will be tested . nuoli AGV       Forklift AGV are mostly in the storage forklift , modified technology of electrification  ,to make it total automatic ,and diesel forklift upgrate intelligent ly show in the intelligenlize of forklift itself ,combine with internet and technology .,for example :fault code warming ,fleet managment ,personal management and so on ,in the other hand ,analyze by internet and based implementation of bog data ,improve and upgrate after come into conclusion ,and produce benefit for the company .       The market need ,and the industry develop .industrial car is showed in the automatic field .AGV industrilization filed.AGV industrilization is one of  the future industrial automatic path .and the appearance of  AGV equipment ,make the real driveless transport ,prompt thre forklift AGv to uograte again ,at ...
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