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  • 48 forklift engine troubleshooting methods!
    48 forklift engine troubleshooting methods!



    48 forklift engine troubleshooting methods! 1. Low rotating speed of the engine -- the battery of forklift is low in power and can be charged directly to the battery 2. Low speed of the engine - poor circuit connection - check whether the wire is loose 3. Low speed of the engine -- failure of the starter, bad contact between motor brush and commutator, bad connection of internal connection head of the starter 4. High oil pressure and poor quality of lubricating oil -- when the oil has too low viscosity or is mixed with gasoline and water, the lubricating oil should be replaced directly 5. Engine parts cannot start or start with difficulty - insufficient oil in the fuel tank or the fuel tank switch is not opened 6. Insufficient power of forklift engine parts - blocked, damaged or leaking oil supply pipeline 7. Unstable operation of the engine -- the carburetor is not working well, and the mixture is low or too thin 8. Failure of gasoline pump and oil transfer pump -- check the rupture of the skin film and the loss of connecting rod, etc 9. Fuel filter blocking - cleaning forklift filter 10. Engine body overheating or unstable operation, insufficient power or unstable operation can be judged as pump failure - check and eliminate 11. Engine parts cannot be started, difficult to start or insufficient power of the fuel pump drive device damaged 12. The fuel injection pump or ignition timing is wrong - adjust the fuel injection advance Angle, adjust the forklift engine to start easily, do not exhaust black smoke when working, do not emit metal knock (too early oil injection); The ignition time is adjusted to: too early in the ignition when there is metal knock (sudden explosion) at the acceleration, the ignition time is too late exhaust pipe smoke or there is blasting sound. 13. The exhaust pipe of the engine has black smoke or bubbling sound - insufficient compression 14. The power of forklift engine is insufficient - the fuel tank is clogged with vent holes 15. The forklift engine power is insufficient -- the fuel oil plate is incorrect, and the fuel oil can be used first according to the engine plate number 16. If the forklift engine is underpowered or unstable - the throttle is stuck or the movement is blocked - check and remove 17. The forklift engine parts are underpowered or the body is overheated -- the cylinder is overheated 18. The power of forklift engine parts is insufficient -- the engine is overheated and the operation time is too long 19. The cylinder compression force of forklift is insufficient - the engine has not reached precision adjustment 20. The cylinder compression force of forklift truck is insufficient - the valve is closed 21. Excessive pressure on crankcase of forklift truck -- wear of cylinder sleeve 22. The cylinder compression force of forklift truck is insufficient -- the valve has poor contact with the valve seat and the sealing is not strict 23. The cylinder compression force of forklift truck is insufficient -- the pi...
  • How to repair the forklift's drive axle?
    How to repair the forklift's drive axle?



    When the forklift is unloading cargo or moving cargo,the drive axle is to bear most of the weight,If the road is uneven and the load of the forklift truck is not uniform,the drive axle will be bent,fractured,worn out of the axle shaft bearing bore,and worn by the axle shaft journal.Then when the drive axle has a low degree of damage,the following inspections and repairs can be made: 1.Forklift drive axle housing bending inspection and repair: 1) Drive axle housing bending test.Before the inspection,the flatness of the contact surfaces of the axles and brake drum ends should be corrected first,Eliminate the circular runout error of the end face and mount the standard half shaft on the drive axle housing,correct the bearing and test the center position of the left and right axles from the shell to judge whether there is any bending.The difference between the two axes should not exceed 0.75mm. 2) When the drive axle housing is bent beyond the limit, it should be corrected.When correcting, the correction deformation should not be greater than the original bending deformation,and maintain the calibration pressure for a period of time,make the axle shell plastic deformation.If the deformation is too large and the bending deformation is greater than 2mm, it can be corrected after preheating, but the heating temperature must not exceed 700°C. 2.Forklift drive axle housing fracture repair: when cracks and cracks appear in the middle of the drive axle housing,they can be repaired by welding.The operating points are as follows: 1) A v-shaped groove with a 90° angle along the crack has a depth of 2/3 of the thickness. 2) At a distance of 6-10 mm from both ends of the crack,drill holes of 5 mm in diameter. 3) Welding repair cracks,the solder layer should be higher than the base metal,but not more than 1mm.After welding on the front side,weld repairs are made on the opposite side,and the welding seam should be flattened after welding.If the weld is repaired at the work plane, the flatness error should not exceed 0.25mm. 4) After the crack repair welding,the reinforcing web should be welded at the crack,and its thickness is generally 4-6mm.The reinforced web should be symmetrical with the center of the drive axle housing. 5) If the crack penetrates to the drive axle housing cover or the final drive flange plane,the reinforcing ring should be welded after welding.The reinforced abdominal ring of the drive axle housing cover can be reused outside,the main reducer shell depends on the permit of the interior space,should be multiplexed on the inside.When reinforcing the abdominal ring by welding,tighten the reinforcing abdominal ring with a bolt and press it on the flat surface first to avoid position shifting and deflection during welding. 6) After welding repair strengthened drive axle housing,to recheck the straightness error,flatness error of shell cover and final drive flange plane,and corrected and ground to meet the standards. 3.Inspection and repair of othe...
  • Forklift dry air filter maintenance and maintenance
    Forklift dry air filter maintenance and maintenance



    The air filter filters air to block the dust from entering the engine,so as not to affect the combustion of fuel in the engine.Air filters are divided into dry and wet types.And we will share knowledge about dry air filters at Gzsycc.com.The dry air filter consists of an air filter cartridge,a pre-filter device,a main filter element, a dust collection tray,a dust discharge bag, a blocking indicator (optional) etc composition. 1.Dry air filter working principle The first stage of the dry air filter is a prefilter,It can swirl the air entering the air filter,By centrifugation, the larger mass of dust particles is separated from the intake air into the periphery of the centrifuge zone.The coarse filtered air enters the interior of the paper filter and is blocked by the filter pores.In addition,the polymerization of dust itself forms an additional filter layer,which further separates the fine dust in the air and adheres to the outer surface of the paper filter element. 2.Air filter maintenance (1)The components of the air cleaner should be installed in the correct position and cannot be reversed.Once the air filter housing is broken,it must be replaced in time.If the seal at both ends of the filter element is degummed,it should be replaced. (2)The filter paper is a very fine fiber material filled with synthetic resin,so it must not be cleaned in water or oil,do not allow contact with water, fire or oil.When removing dust from the paper filter element, use a clean cloth or rubber stopper to block the ends of the filter element,brush the surface of the filter core with a soft brush in the direction of the crease,and gently tap the end face to remove dust.Can also be used compressed air or pump blown (pressure should not exceed 0.2 ~ 0.29MPa, to prevent damage to the filter paper) from the inside of the filter element to blow away the dust adhered to the outer surface of the filter element.After removing the dust from the paper filter element,check the filter element for damage.If it is damaged,replace it immediately. (3)The connection between the air cleaner assembly and the air intake pipe or other connections in the air intake system must be connected firmly and tightly,and no air leakage is allowed.It is forbidden to have a short circuit of the air intake. (4)Under normal conditions,the filter element needs to be replaced every six months or 1000 hours.The paper filter element must be replaced at most 2 or 3 times.Air intake system with secondary air filter installed needs to increase the frequency of maintenance of the first stage air cleaner,to prevent the inlet back pressure from exceeding the engine limit,the performance of the engine is affected. The air filter removes dust and other impurities that enter the air of the carburetor,Therefore,the air filter is a clean product.You can clean or replace the air filter regularly according to your working environment.This can extend the service life of the forklift. Thank you!
  • Common Faults and Handling of Forklift Hydraulic Machinery Transmission System
    Common Faults and Handling of Forklift Hydraulic Machinery Transmission System



    Insufficient output power during use of the forklift, difficulty in starting, slow response to shift,oil temperature is too high and torque converter does not work etc.this is usually a common failt in a forklift hydraulic mechanical transmission system.What should we do when these failures occur? Failure analysis During use, if the forklift is found to be underpowered, climbing is difficult, and shifting is unresponsive,While the lifting and lifting work normally, the pressure of the system can be used to detect the pressure of the system first,if it fails to reach the specified pressure value,the reasons is the compensation pump gear and pump body wear excessively,causes the increase of the internal leakage of the compensation pump; the poor cleanliness of the oil leads to the blockage of the oil circuit and compensates the suction. If the oil temperature is too high,the reason is Insufficient oil supply from compensating pump due to blocked oil line,Cause the clutch to dry cause by excessive oil temperature;the oil pressure in the torque converter is lower than the adjustment pressure of the main pressure valve,cause the torque converter outlet pressure too low; the oil grade is wrong;torque converter internal components are damaged,so that only a small part of the power of the engine is transmitted to the turbine,excessive reactive power causes a sharp rise in oil temperature. Troubleshooting From the above analysis, we can see that the faults of the forklift hydraulic machinery transmission system are mainly the three links of the oil circuit, the torque converter and the compensation pump.Therefore, when troubleshooting,first consider cleaning the oil circuit,replace the oil and oil filter as required; then check the torque converter and the compensation pump three links.Therefore,when troubleshooting,first consider cleaning the oil circuit,replace oil and oil filter as required;then check the torque converter guide wheel,guide wheel seat and overrunning clutch for damage;finally check the compensating pump for wear and repair or replace damaged components.The dust and dirt on the surface of the oil radiator must also be cleaned.After the above processing,can usually better troubleshooting. When inspecting machinery transmission system,attention should be paid to the following inspections;the concentricity error of the engine flywheel, torque converter and shell of the variable torque should not exceed 0.2mm;the degree of unbalance of the connecting plate should be less than 30g·cm;the end of the face of the engine flywheel housing and the end face of the converter housing relative to its axis shall not fluctuate more than 50um; there shall be 1.0-1.5mm clearance between the torque converter fork and the end face of the compensating pump gear. The above are just some troubleshooting measures taken for some common faults that occur in the forklift hydraulic machinery transmission system.According to the actual situation for reference. Thank ...
  • How to extend the service life of forklift hydraulic pumps
    How to extend the service life of forklift hydraulic pumps



    Now the use of forklifts is more extensive, the number of forklifts used is more, and parts will have problems in varying degrees, and if necessary, they need to be replaced.I shared on Gzsycc.com how to extend the life of a forklift hydraulic pump.Hope it will help you. 1.Forklift gears: The gears are worn and glued,which increases the radial clearance.The lighter ones have no obvious effect on the use and can be repaired. In severe cases, gears should be replaced. 2.The gears on both sides of the gear are worn, and the lighter ones can lift the wire.Grinding can be used to grind the burr marks;when the wear is serious, it can be smooth on the grinder.However, as long as the end face of one gear wears, the other gear also needs to be ground at the same time to ensure that the difference between the thickness of the two gears is within 0.005 mm.Grinding should also pay attention to the accuracy of the end face and hole,end face and end face.After grinding,apply oil stone to sharpen sharp burrs,but not chamfering. 3.because of oil pump gears work in one direction, so the tooth surfaces are single-sided wear.Gears with worn tooth surfaces can be removed from the burrs with oil stones,and change the meshing position of the gears can be reversed to restore the working performance of the oil pump. 4.Forklift Gear bearing frame: When the end face wears abrasion or pulls out the line,four bearings can be placed on the surface grinder.by non-gear contact surface for the base,grind out the end face once. 5.The inner hole generally wears less,if the wear is serious,it can be used to grind or sharpen the aperture to repair the size and match the needle roller. 6.When wear of shaft sleeves with side plates or axial floating,scratched and grooved,the damaged surface can be polished.The method is to coat no400-600 grinding paste on a smooth surface,plus wash oil or wax gently on the side plate surface rotation for polishing. 7.Forklift gear pump body: The pump body wear usually occurs in the oil suction chamber.Some oil pumps can be repaired by means of transposition on the structure,even if the pump body is 180°around its axis, so that the oil suction chamber becomes a pressure oil chamber to restore its working ability. Of course, what we are talking about here is a gear pump with better quality,such as a Japanese OEM, a forklift factory,and if the inferior quality and relatively low price of the auxiliary plant parts, there is no need to maintain such parts. The texture may not support this method.Our company has good quality forklift parts. If you need to contact us, thank you!
  • Type and internal structure of the internal-combustion forklift engine
    Type and internal structure of the internal-combustion forklift engine



    Internal-combustion forklift engine are forklifts powered by diesel engines using diesel, gasoline, or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel,power from the engine provided.Because of the different fuels used in the engine, the internal combustion forklift engine is divided into two categories: gasoline engine and diesel engine.Is there a difference between operational principle by the two?This article takes you to find out. Type of the internal-combustion forklift engine 1.Gasoline engine is generally made by carburetor that to make gasoline and air after mixed into the cylinder, and then use spark to ignite bursts of work, so it is called carburetor engine. 2.The diesel engine generally injects diesel into the cylinder through the fuel injection pump and an injector, and mixes with the high-temperature and high-pressure air that has already been sucked into the cylinder (and is compressed), cause spontaneous combustion and work.Therefore, the diesel engine is also called a compression ignition engine. The structure of the gasoline engine:(Note:The composition of the diesel engine is almost the same as that of the gasoline engine, except that there is no ignition system, and a high-pressure injection pump is added to the fuel supply system. So split the gasoline engine.) 1.Body: It is the assembly matrix of engine parts.It includes a cylinder head, a cylinder block, and a lower crankcase (oil sump).The combusiton chamber parts of it is the inner wall of the cylinder block cylinder head and cylinder block constituent.Many parts of the body are also part of other systems constituent. 2.Crank Mechanism:It is a mechanism by which the engine generates and transmits power. It converts linear reciprocating motion of the piston into rotational motion of the crankshaft and outputs power.It includes pistons, piston pins, connecting rods, crankshafts with flywheels, and cylinder blocks etc. 3.Gas distribution mechanism:Including intake valve, exhaust valve, valve lifter and camshaft and camshaft timing gear (driven by the crankshaft timing gear) and so on.Its role is to make the combustible mixture full of cylinders in time and discharge the exhaust gas from the cylinder in time. 4.Fuel Supply System:The gasoline engine fuel supply system includes a gasoline tank, a gasoline pump, a gasoline filter, an air filter, a carburetor, an intake pipe, an exhaust pipe, an exhaust muffler etc.Its role is to mix the gasoline and air into a suitable combustible gas mixture for supply to the cylinder for combustion and to discharge the combustion-generated exhaust gas to the engine. 5.cooling system:It mainly includes water pumps, radiators, fan fans, water distribution pipes and cylinder blocks, and water jackets in cylinder heads.Its function is to dissipate the heat of the high heat components into the atmosphere to ensure the normal operation of the engine. 6.Lubrication system:Including oil pumps, pressure limiting valves, oil channels, filters, oil filters, and oil radi...
  • Forklift fuel pump role,structure and working principle
    Forklift fuel pump role,structure and working principle



    About forklift fuel pumps, structure and working principle, if you do not know understand of this part of the knowledge, I will share with you at Gzsycc.com. 1、The role of forklift fuel pump:gasoline is drawn from the oil tank,which after pressure sent to the carburetor float chamber. 2、Forklift fuel pump structure:For the mechanical drive diaphragm,mounted one side of the engine crankcase,driven by the camshaft eccentric wheel.The pump body is divided into the upper body and the lower body, and the upper body is provided with an oil inlet valve and an oil outlet valve which are die-casted by the zinc alloy.The cover and the upper body are clamped with a gasket at the joint surface,so that the oil-out chamber is sealed.Coated with oil-resistant rubber cloth membrane, with a screw clamp between the upper body and lower body,above the formation of pump oil chamber.Diaphragm and retaining plate with a nut locked in the upper end of the rod, and by the role of the diaphragm spring arch upward,under the spring seat have grease seal, prevent rupture of diaphragm to leak oil.One end of the inner rocker arm is inserted into the square hole of the pull rod, and the other side is in contact with the outer rocker arm ramp,and set sleeved on the rocker arm.Rocker arm shaft one end of with hand rocker arm use of manual pump oil. 3、Forklift fuel pump working principle:When the engine is running, when the convex tip of the eccentric wheel pushes the outer rocking arm to swing,it drives the inner rocker arm and descends the diaphragm through the pull rod,So the pump chamber volume increases,the hydraulic pressure drops,the oil valve is closed, the inlet valve is sucked open,oil enters the pump chamber from the inlet pipe.When the convex tip of the eccentric wheel leaves the outer rocker arm,the outer rocker arm is returned under the action of a return spring,inner rocker arm drive away from the outer rocker arm,diaphragm up under the action of the spring arched upward,So the pump chamber volume decreases,the hydraulic pressure rises, close the inlet valve,push out the valve,the gasoline through the tubing into the carburetor.When not needed,because the float chamber needle valve closed,the oil Internal resistance of the oil chamber exceeds the spring force of the diaphragm spring,the diaphragm down to the lowest position,the pump oil will stop completely.Before starting the engine,if it is found that there is no oil in the float chamber or there is too little oil in the chamber,you can pull the arm pump oil.When the float chamber is filled with gasoline,hand arm will form air movement, pump oil stop. Japan imported gasoline pump forklift parts,Guangzhou Songyuan forklift truck parts wholesale and retail stock,you can learn more at Gzsycc.com. Thank you!
  • 11 kinds of forklift emergency repair methods
    11 kinds of forklift emergency repair methods



    Emergency repair forklift tips, forklift trucks out of shovel inevitably some failure, we must temporarily take some emergency repair methods. Now I introduce some easy-to-use garage tips to you at Gzsycc.com. 1、Forklift radiator damage. When the forklift is in use, it is found that the fuel radiator is leaking oil. The oil drain can be wiped clean and smeared with soap or bubble gum on the oil spill site for temporary plugging; repairing with epoxy adhesive is better. 2、Forklift oil hose rupture. When oil hose ruptured can be at ruptured cleaned, coated with soap, wrapped with tape or tape wrapped in the pipe rupture, and tied with wire, and then coated with a layer of soap. 3、Forklift tubing break. when tubing broken can find a diameter and adapt to the hose rubber or Plastic sleeve joint. If the socket is not tight enough, the two ends of the wire bundled to prevent leakage. 4、Forklift Cylinder Head ect parts appear trachoma and leakage, leakage. According to the size of trachoma, use the appropriate specifications of the electrician fuse, with a hammer gently smashed into the trachoma, you can eliminate oil spills, leaking. 5、Oil hose spill. When the forklift is used, such as the oil leakage of the oil pipe joint, the oil hose horn and the oil hose nut are mostly not sealed. Available cotton yarn wrapped around the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the tubing nut and tubing joints; but also the bubble gum or malt sugar chewed into a paste, painted in the tubing nut seat, to be dry after the sealing effect. Can also be cut leather or leather belt shape or put into the hole smashing molding, can be installed,can also cut a piece of plastic pipe for installation. 6、Cups cracked. Use a tape tube or plastic tube to put the sediment cup in and out of the tubing sleeve so that the oil will not flow through the sedimentation cup. 7、In and out of the hose rupture. Rupture is not big, can be coated with a layer of soap coated cloth will be watertight Department dressing; rupture larger, you can cut off the hose rupture, in the middle of a bamboo or iron pipe, and used bundled with wire. 8、Fan belt broken. The broken belt can be tied with wire or a good way to open and stop the car drove away. 9、Screw hole slider. Screw hole slip caused oil leakage or connecting rod loose, so that it can not work. At this time, the original screw can be hammer-sharpened with a hammer so as to increase the expansion on both sides (pay attention to not buckling the hammer at the top to fasten the hole), and then fasten it well. but it can not be disassemnle repeatedly until maintenance next time. 10、Diaphragm or delivery pump diaphragm ruptures or breaks. Detachable oil pump to remove the diaphragm, with bakelite, electrical insulating bakelite or plastic sheeting prototype size saw file molding, and polished fitted; or the tubing directly to the injection pump. 11、Door spring broken.After the valve spring is broken, the broken spring can be taken off,and then you ...
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