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We focus on supplying products with  high quality ,long service life and reasonable price, so we independently create the forklift  parts brand “KOVO”,and forklift tires brand “BGO”.   As the official distributor for AISIN ,we have close cooperation with Nikki, KYB, SHIMADZU,AISAN and other famous parts brand ,so to make sure that we offer our customer with the first-hand price. We have extensive connection and deep cooperation with over 200 manufacturers of forklift parts which provide our customer with multiply choices and the most favorable price.

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About Us
GUANGZHOU YUANSONG TRADE CO., LTD Guangzhou Yuansong Trade Co.Ltd  is a worldwide trade company ,locate at the biggest commodity distributing center ,Guangzhou ,China. Specializing in the production,sales ,and service of forklift parts ,  with over 17years history and 1600 square warehouse ,yuansong have its own forklift parts brand “kovo” and supply more than 100 thousand kinds of forklift parts ,all this can happen because they have a  rich-experience and effective team. company business scope Develop from 1998 to this days ,yuansong have a deep coopration with many Japan ,America ,Korea,Taiwan,Germany and China famous forklift parts manufacturer . Though a long time honest and excelent management.,  yuansong  agent and cooperate with Aisin、Nikki、KYB、Shimadzu、Aisan、Bosch、Nok、RIK、NPR、SY、Exedy,and so many forklift parts brand . it is worth noting that the brand “kovo” which it is developed by yuansong , get the highly recognition by custiomer becasue of its competive peice and annual export more than 200 containers. Company business object :purchasing agent ,dealer ,company purchaser,forrklift leasing service center ,personal useser. The toyota forklift parts, Mitsubishi、komatsu、isuzu/tcm、yale、nissan、yanmar is what we can supply for now .what we can offer for the forklift brand and product are following. Toyota komatsu Mitsubishi Nissan Isuzu/TCM Yale Yanmar Daewoo Hyundai Clark Linden Jungheirich Nichiyu Hyster Crown Caterpillar Shinko Heli Hangcha Tailift Products exhibition Aisin - Clutch Disc KOVO - Brake Shoe Aisan – Regulator Assy,LPG KYB - Hydraulic Pump Development history Yuansong forklift parts store was set up at 1998 ,with the trust and support by the customer ,yuansong is developed into a  equity company with its brand “kovo”,5 overseas branch, dozens of cooperative forklift parts brand and hundreds of collaborative company .We still have a long way to go ,compare with century -old enterprises,we  will adhere to the purpose of manage honestly,put the customer in the first place ,update the products continually ,improve the service system ,give the best service to our customer . Historical events 1998 ,yuansong forklift parts store was set up 2006 ,respond to  country call on ,establish export  business ,headquarters set up in tianhe district ,guanzhou city 2007 ,HK brand office set up 2008 ,sigh up  china general agent contract with Japan Aisin 2008 ,first oversea branch -vietnam branch set up in  sep . 2009 ,malaysia branch set up 2012 ,kovo researched and producted  independently was launch on the market officially. 2015 ,hesheng brand was set up , main business is electric forklift parts 2016 ,russia  branch set up at june 2016  ,”BOG “ pu tires was researched ,which make the forklift tires 3 times service life . OUR WAREHOUSE OUR EXHIBITION OUR PAYMENT&SHIPPING Wherever you are ,if you need any forklift parts ,please contact us  ,we will offer what you what . Please contact us Tel :  +86-020-87227610 Email :  sales@forklift-china.cc Fax : +86-020-87227610 Web : www.gzsycc.com Address : No.2 FLOOR 4 ,Yujing Industrial Zone,18 Lingshan Road,Tianhe District,Guangzhou Jean Wong Skype :  jean041001 MSN :  jean041001@hotmail.com What’s app:+86 13580328185
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  • Autumn is coming, give you 9 forklift maintenance advices Autumn is coming, give you 9 forklift maintenance advices

    Summer has passed, the temperature began to cool after the fall, the climate changed significantly. The transition from summer to autumn, the forklift in the use of the process should pay special attention to maintenance. gzsycc.com suggest you, this season forklift maintenance should do the following: 1.A vehicle external forklift maintenance Autumn morning and evening dew more water, forklift surface is often very wet, if the body has obvious scratches, should be done in time to do paint treatment, so as not to scratches the site of moisture and corrosion. Due to the corrosion of rain acid and summer light point-blank, the forklift body paint will inevitably be oxidized, at the time of the season, you'd better do for the forklift from the surface cleaning, paint maintenance work. 2.Forklift Tire maintenance In the safe driving of the forklift, the tires play an important role. In the summer, due to the high temperature, forklift user always check the tire pressure, must not make the tire pressure is too high, otherwise, there will be the risk of forklift tire puncture. But to the fall, because the temperature is relatively low, the tire will add air pressure to make it Keep the specified pressure range, at the same time, should also check whether the tire scratches, because the rubber in the autumn and winter is easy to harden and more brittle, easy to leak the tires, and even tires, to regularly clean the inclusions within the tire. 3. Forklift maintenance of  the engine compartment Should check the engine compartment of the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze, to see if the oil is sufficient, whether the deterioration, whether to replace the cycle, the oil is like the vehicle's blood, to the replacement cycle must be replaced to ensure that the oil cycle unobstructed. 4. Forklift maintenance of  barake system Autumn day and night temperature difference, easy to cause the forklift body parts expansion shrinkage deformation, you should always check whether the brake weak, deviation, brake pedal pedaling force has changed, if necessary, clean up the entire brake system piping part and pay attention to forklift maintenance. If your forklift is equipped with a warm air line or fan, after a summer operation, or for the upcoming cold winter to prepare, the fall of the most suitable for these devices to check whether the exhaust outlet is normal, the line is aging, etc. And so on, if any problem can be resolved in time. 5. Maintenance of air inlet or inlet grille To check whether these parts are debris, if there are debris, you can use compressed air blowing dust, in addition, forklift maintenance to the engine cooling state, you can use a water gun from the inside to wash the above parts. 6. Air conditioning maintenance If your forklift is equipped with air conditioning, hot summer weather, the car is often overloaded air conditioning operation, in addition, due to summer and autumn more rain, a long time, it is easy to rust the condenser...

  • The Holiday for National Day 2017 The Holiday for National Day 2017

    2017-09-30admin The Holiday for National Day 2017 Dear Customer: We will have 6 days off as holiday National Day 2017 : 30th, Sept. – 5th, Oct. During the holidays, if you have anything urgently, please feel free to contact our sales people by Skype or email, they will reply as soon as they saw the messages. Thanks for your cooperation and supporting and wish you have a really happy holiday! YUANSONG TRADE CO., LTD Publicity Department 29th, Sept., 2017

  • Industrial 4.0 era AVG intelligence storage forklift robot Industrial 4.0 era AVG intelligence storage forklift robot

    (reprinted from chinaforklift.com;author :Rui Hao )       These two years , since the 4.0 in industry (made in china 2025)has been in the agenda ,industrial automatic level come to a new height .in the backgroud of deficiency,  the advantage of  machine become obvious ,with the encourge of goverment policy and the intergrate of both internet and modern technology and system . Intelligent transport  upgrate in the industrial vehicle .so which are the intelligent of industrial vehicle ungrate?       Speaking of intelligent transport,fleet management system ,internet recognition and AGV and so on ,intelligent forklift mainly show in the intelligent management of logistic equipment ,maximum utilization rate of equipment , cosequently intergrate production conbination system and enterprise management ,to increase the efficiency of the equipment ,enhance the safety and decreace the cost of labour ,and to be accepted by more and more customer . Forklift product AGV in promat 2017 exhibition Forklift product AGV in promat 2017 exhibition      In the field og intelligent forklift ,the develoment of AGV prompt  forklift transport to a automatic summit . In the industrial of AGV ,latent type and forklift AGV is  one of  the most important type ,the former  mature product  is research and develop in the earlier preriod ,have been in a  widely appied in industrial assembly line and intelligent store .the relavent macnufactured company in china include ,SINSUN, KSEC ,JATEN, OUKAI,GOZ,AGV, CASUN,LGMG ,there are relevant product provide ,and is the main product line . The latter is the automatic industrial vehicle based on industrial vehicle and extended by the principle . The relevant company spring up in these years ,HTAGV ,KEJIN, COTEK ,MASS and so on . 艾吉威 With the development of market ,automatic AGV transport technolog develop ,industrial vehicle become popular ,many forklift manufacturer produce AGV product ,include heli,hangcha,linde, nuoli,ruyi ,more company will  involve and the product will be tested . nuoli AGV       Forklift AGV are mostly in the storage forklift , modified technology of electrification  ,to make it total automatic ,and diesel forklift upgrate intelligent ly show in the intelligenlize of forklift itself ,combine with internet and technology .,for example :fault code warming ,fleet managment ,personal management and so on ,in the other hand ,analyze by internet and based implementation of bog data ,improve and upgrate after come into conclusion ,and produce benefit for the company .       The market need ,and the industry develop .industrial car is showed in the automatic field .AGV industrilization filed.AGV industrilization is one of  the future industrial automatic path .and the appearance of  AGV equipment ,make the real driveless transport ,prompt thre forklift AGv to uograte again ,at ...

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